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Groups and Workshops:


In addition to my work as an individual clinical counsellor, I am also a skilled group facilitator of both process-oriented and psychoeducational groups.

Please see below for examples of groups that I have facilitated. Do check back, as I will be keeping this section updated with upcoming events.

The Self Care Project

As part of The Self Care Project, I facilitated and co-facilitated groups of 6-13 individuals from a variety of backgrounds (activists, educators, helping professionals, lawyers, facilitators, etc.) that met every other week in people's homes, gathering to delve more deeply into the concept of "self care", experientially exploring what self-care might mean to them, while gaining concrete tools for applications of self-care practices in their lives within a community-building context.
Some of the topics we explored included self-worth, a culture of busyness, boundary-setting, (mal)adaptive strategies we use and roles we play, our body's signals when saying yes and saying no, and goal-setting and accountability practices.

Activities varied from week to week, and included mindfulness exercises, soundscape walks, wellness wheels, arts-based exercises (drawing, freewriting, spoken word), journaling, brainstorming, and paired, small group, and large group discussions.



STEP Parenting Group

I have co-facilitated a STEP (Systematic Training in Effective Parenting) Group at the Adler Centre, working with a group of 7 parents of children ranging in age from 2 to 26 years old.


This 8-week program covered parenting topics based in Adlerian Psychology concepts, such as developmental psychology, mirror neurons, encouragement versus praise, parenting styles, family constellations, goals of behaviour, problem-solving, communication, family meetings, promoting capability, positive discipline, and self-care.



Relapse Prevention and 16 Step Empowerment Group

I have co-facilitated two different types of groups related to substance use. The Relapse Prevention group was a psychoeducational group, offering participants a safe space to gain information, skills, strategies, and support for preventing relapses. Topics covered included coping with stress, identifying triggers, managing cravings, permission-giving thoughts, core beliefs, the cycle of using, and assertive communication.

The 16 Step Empowerment group was a drop-in group for adults wishing to reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. The 16 Step model is not based on the 12-step model, but can work alongside it, offering a holistic approach to addressing substance use - addressing body, mind, and spirit. Based on Dr. Charlotte Kasl's work, and her book entitled, "Many Roads, One Journey", more information about 16 Step groups, and a list of the 16 steps can be found here.





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