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[ri-PLEN-ish] verb. 

1. to make full or complete again, 
    as by supplying what is used up,
    lacking, etc.
2. to fill again or anew
3. to build up again
4. to inspire or nourish

Welcome to Replenish Counselling!


It’s said that the only constant in life is change. Whether by our own choices, or through external circumstances out of our control, we are evolving daily, if at times imperceptibly, just as the world is around us. Though there are times when it can feel as though there is a perfect rhythm and synchronicity to these tides and currents, at others it can feel as though we are spinning on our own axis at a rate completely out of step with life events we are immersed in.

At these tumultuous times, regardless of whether change is planned or unexpected, it is not uncommon to feel at a loss for how to regain our balance or return to our optimum selves while struggling to adjust to new life circumstances. Certainly at one time or another, all of us have been here.


Human beings, on the whole, are extraordinarily complex. I believe that we each carry within us depths that we do not necessarily draw on in our day-to-day movements, be it by choice, or by a certain unawareness – when what is needed to access our full capacities has not yet been discovered. 

When feeling stuck, it can be important to be reminded of our resilience and our capacity to change, to flow in the midst of flux.


At Replenish Counselling, I believe that every individual is full of possibilities.

          … a safe and encouraging environment where you can truly be yourself
          … an attitude of openness to exploration
          … a chance to pause and process, rest and reflect, replenish and rejuvenate

           … the learning of new tools
           … the unlearning of old strategies that are perhaps no longer serving you
           … the integration of life events into your authentic sense of self and identity

I believe that anyone can begin to move from surviving to thriving, and towards what they are fully capable of, be it in baby steps or in leaps and bounds.


Counselling is a safe space in which individuals are able to take a closer look at who they are. This may include (but is not limited to) taking stock of where they are now, where they have come from, and where they would like to go, before setting off on their way again with greater clarity and a renewed sense of hope and well-being.


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